The Main Problem With the Official Dietary Guidelines

In several developed nations, including Australia and the U.S., government-funded agencies design and issue dietary guidelines for the public. These guidelines differ somewhat from country to country; however, there’s a lot of overlap with respect to the general recommendations regarding … [Read More...]

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The Real Food Pyramid: What We’re Designed to Eat

The food pyramid that was created on the basis of official dietary guidelines designed by government-funded agencies is not scientifically robust. It consists of many … [Read More...]

Why You Shouldn’t Trust What “the Latest Research” Says About the Health Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Yesterday, as I was standing in line at my local grocery store, waiting to pay for some fruits and veggies, my gaze unconsciously fell upon the headlines on the front … [Read More...]

Ask Eirik: How Did You Become Interested in Darwinian Medicine?

Yesterday I was interviewed by an Italian friend of mine who I came in contact with through his comments here on the site. Like me, he’s an evolutionary health aficionado … [Read More...]

The Original/Scientific Version of the Paleo Diet

The evolutionary health movement has grown tremendously lately. It’s no longer just a few scientists here and there who've acknowledged that we can learn a lot about diet … [Read More...]

‘The Rock’ Says Carbs Are Your Friend. I Largely Disagree

The famous movie star and former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson seems like a great, genuine guy. I like him a lot. I don’t agree with everything he says about diet … [Read More...]

What Dexter Can Teach Us About How to Live Our Lives

Dexter is my favorite television series of all time. The show is – as you may have guessed from seeing its title – about a guy named Dexter. He works as a blood spatter … [Read More...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Treating Upper Crossed Syndrome

Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS), which goes hand in hand with hunchback posture and protracted shoulders, is, just like its sibling Lower Crossed Syndrome (LCS), a very … [Read More...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Treating Lower Crossed Syndrome

Lower Crossed Syndrome (LCS), which is characterized by anterior pelvic tilt, swayback posture, and a bulging (not necessarily fat) abdomen, is a very common … [Read More...]

The Fallacy of the Probiotic Concept

The world is a big and complex place. Numerous different substances and life forms make up the system that we call Earth. Our planet is so vast that we have a hard time … [Read More...]

How Friendly Bacteria Can Help Protect You Against STDs

A couple of days ago I was having a conversation with some friends of mine. For some reason I can’t fully remember, we got to talking about Sexually Transmitted Diseases … [Read More...]

6 Fairly Common Misconceptions About Darwinian Medicine

Last night I was attending a social event. A couple of hours after I had arrived at the scene of the event, I got to talking with a friend of mine about … [Read More...]

10 Scientific Papers That Can Transform Your Understanding of Health & Medicine

In 2015 I put up an article here on the site entitled 10 Scientific Papers That Can Transform Your Understanding of Health & Medicine. In that article I listed 10 … [Read More...]

The 8 Scientific Pillars of the Paleolithic Diet

Is the Paleo diet concept scientifically valid? If your primary source of information about Paleolithic nutrition is the mainstream media, then chances are you’ve … [Read More...]

Pete Evans Joins Forces With Darwinian Medicine

Quite recently I put up an article here on the site in which I voiced my support for the work the Australian chef, TV personality, and health/nutrition aficionado Pete … [Read More...]

The Problem With Gut Microbiome Testing

Have you gotten your gut microbiome analyzed? If so, then you’re not alone. Over the most recent decade, the number of companies conducting fecal microbiome analyses has … [Read More...]

Species-Appropriate Nutrition + Microbiome Restoration = A General Approach to Preventing and Treating Disease

In my recent article entitled Mainstream Medicine Overlooks the Two Major Causes of Chronic Illness I made the case that dysbiosis and chronic low-grade inflammation are … [Read More...]

How Antibiotics Have Changed Our World

Antibiotics are by many considered to be one of man’s greatest creations. The people who hold this belief are typically the same ones who praise modern medicine and are … [Read More...]

The Beautiful People on the Island of Kitava

I've been thinking quite a bit about Staffan Lindeberg these past 6 months. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person (I only had some brief e-mail exchanges with … [Read More...]

The Evidence the «Saturated Fat is Harmless» Crowd Overlooks

I’ve talked a lot about saturated fat here on the site. That’s not by coincidence. I’m very concerned about the fact that the notion that saturated fat is harmless has … [Read More...]

The Paleo Diet: Were the Founding Fathers Right All Along?

I consider Loren Cordain, Boyd Eaton, and Staffan Lindeberg to be the founding fathers of the Paleo diet movement. They pioneered the research on Paleolithic nutrition … [Read More...]

Cooling Inflammation: A Great Blog That Can Help You Improve Your Health

The internet is a minefield. Unless you’re careful about where you place your feet, you may quickly find yourself surrounded by mines in the form of bad diet and … [Read More...]

I Just Finished a 40-Hour Fast. Here’s My Experience…

I’ve talked quite a bit about Intermittent Fasting (IF) here on the site. Not so long ago I put up a post in which I made the case that periodic fasting was a natural … [Read More...]

Why Your Body Acts Up When You Get Sick

All organisms that are present on this planet are a part of an evolutionary arms race. Throughout evolutionary time, organisms have evolved various apparatus and tools … [Read More...]

What the Duration of Your Sleep Can Tell You About Your Immune System

How many hours of sleep did you get last night? You probably don’t realise it, but your answer to that question could potentially tell you a lot about what’s going on … [Read More...]

8 Things Kids Should Learn More About in School

In some of my recent articles here on the site I’ve made the case that our educational system doesn't live up to its reputation. I’ve said that there are many big black … [Read More...]

The Oral Disaster: How Carbohydrates Have Turned the Human Mouth Into a War Zone

In my recent article entitled 10 Reasons Why Grains Shouldn’t Be at the Bottom of the Food Pyramid I pointed out that the introduction of large quantities of cereal … [Read More...]

The Makeup of Modern Society

My perspective on the world has changed a lot over the past decade. When I was younger, I, like most people, believed that the human-produced infrastructures and systems … [Read More...]

Ask Eirik: Should I Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

Last week I was interviewed by a Norwegian diet and lifestyle magazine. The interviewer was planning on writing an article about "vacation fitness" and asked me to share … [Read More...]

Our Brains Are Shrinking

We humans are very proud and fond of our large and complex brains. We perceive ourselves as a lot more intelligent than other organisms here on Earth. Some people, … [Read More...]

I’m a Nutritionist. I Wholeheartedly Support Pete Evans

Chef Pete Evans, one of the hosts of the popular TV show My Kitchen Rules (MKR), is under fire. He has been for quite a while. The Dietitians Association of Australia … [Read More...]


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